Way to go Nissan, charging to charge a new low!

Not sure why I’m surprised at this point but my one saving grace, the quick charge station at the Nissan dealership, is no more. When I was unable to charge at work my only option was to head over to the Nissan Dealership (20 minutes away), then wait approx 20-40 minutes for a turn at the quick charge. After that I could spend 20-30 minutes charging my battery enough to get me home. It was a terrible option but an option none the less. Now Nissan has decided to no longer offer this option for free, they now charge to use the quick charge station. Honestly what is the point of having an electric car when I’m forced now to pay to charge. It ends up being the same price if not more than filling up on gas, except now I have to do so on a daily basis instead of refueling with gas which was once a week. I’m pretty fed up at this point…hope someone is listening out there.

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