GM of Nissan of Valencia

Quick update here.

The GM of Nissan of Valencia responded via Yelp.  You can view the thread here:

After I responded he wrote the below email as well.  (I removed private information)

GM’s E-mail:

Daniel Here’s an email from a Nissan Tech Supervisor to me. Let me know if you’re interested in allowing him to do this.



Would the customer be willing to let us charge their vehicle at your dealer overnight, have me drive it to Van Nuys and back to test what the range actually is? A better test for an EV would be to drive it around Valencia, 10% freeway driving/ 80% street, to see what kind of range I can get. I would drive in ECO mode with little or no AC to get the most range possible. Kind of like testing for MPG on a gas car. Best scenario possible for testing. Let me know. At least this would give us an idea if the vehicle is performing properly.
















 My Response:

Hi Dan,

First of all we dropped the car off at the service department TWICE.  This was months ago.  They tested the car, remotely connected the car to Nissan Headquarters so your experts could evaluate and the only conclusion they came to was everything is normal.   If this was an option I would have expected you to do this months ago.  Does the following make sense?

1. Drop off the car and run a test only for it to come back normal.  Then the service center suggests coming back for a more extensive test (this part makes sense to me)

2. I come back for second test, they remotely test the car with Nissan Corporate only for the results to come back normal.

3.  Nissan throws up their hands and says there’s nothing else we can do, it’s normal.

4.  Months later lets contact the owner, suggest he leaves his car with us (overnight this time) for yet ANOTHER test that does not even remotely reflect the current situation.
Again, this just makes me feel like a pinball being knocked around with no real outcome.

Sorry but I’m fed up with being sent between managers, the GM, Nissan Corporate, service centers….  I’m done.
At this point I only want to recoup the 2k down payment on the car, payments made on the car and released from the lease.



One thought on “GM of Nissan of Valencia”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    It sounds like you got the old bait and switch. Nissan got you to buy to car, but wants nothing to do with you now that you need their support. You would think that such a big brand would want to listen to their customers in order to maintain their standing and improve their loyalty. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Thanks for posting this, I’ll be sure to keep my family and friends away from the Nissan Brand altogether. I hope you are able to get rid of this horrible experience soon.

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