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Nissanlies is mentioned here, just wanted to thank Automotorsport for informing it’s readers of my experience.

To update everyone, the Toyota Sienna was actually not the replacement for my Leaf. Funny enough the new car still was quite a change, I went with the BMW X5 and have never been happier.

In my experience with the Leaf at least, the technology is just not there yet. Currently driving an electric car comes with much range anxiety, whether battery limitations are due to heat, cold or just manufacturer exaggerations, you will need to live with those frustrations.

Perhaps technology is better with manufacturers such as Tesla but there still are frustrations with any electric car. As electric cars become increasingly popular more and more people are lining up to take advantage of both free and payed charging stations. This means longer waits in line to charge your vehicle. With charges taking hours at most charging stations, the electric car is just not a convenient mode of transportation. Even so called “quick charge” stations (which in my experience have become ridiculously expensive, more expensive than gasoline) can still create a wait of an hour or two.

In my opinion Tesla seems to be on the right track with their battery swap proposal but until that becomes a reality electric cars only seem to be beneficial to those making short commutes.

Thanks again to, I hope more people will become aware of the drawbacks in the market today.

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