Another Strike for Nissan of Valencia

So under my attorney’s advice I decided to allow Nissan of Valencia to take my car overnight (which was offered previously). You may have noted (below) that they had the car twice before, tested it and came up with nothing. This was my response to that offer previously:

“Hi Dan,

First of all we dropped the car off at the service department TWICE. This was months ago. They tested the car, remotely connected the car to Nissan Headquarters so your experts could evaluate and the only conclusion they came to was everything is normal. If this was an option I would have expected you to do this months ago. Does the following make sense?

1. Drop off the car and run a test only for it to come back normal. Then the service center suggests coming back for a more extensive test (this part makes sense to me)

2. I come back for second test, they remotely test the car with Nissan Corporate only for the results to come back normal.

3. Nissan throws up their hands and says there’s nothing else we can do, it’s normal.

4. Months later lets contact the owner, suggest he leaves his car with us (overnight this time) for yet ANOTHER test that does not even remotely reflect current situation.

Again, this just makes me feel like a pinball being knocked around with no real outcome.

Sorry but I’m fed up with being sent between managers, the GM, Nissan Corporate, service centers…. I’m done.

At this point I only want to recoup the 2k down payment on the car, payments made on the car and released from the lease. ”

He responded with:

“I understand. I’ve been fighting for you for a while now. Have you ran out of power and has the car died ? Their saying that even though it may say 15 miles to go it may get a lot more. Anyways that’s the only change. I know it’s not good enough for you and you feel my company’s efforts are futile but I have tried all avenues all the corporate folks and here we are. I may of failed you but It wasn’t from a lack of trying and can promise you that. I will forward your email to Nissan. If they respond do you want to see it or as you stated above are you done? Thanks”

My attorney felt i should give them another try so I reached out and politely asked them to take the car overnight and provide a loaner so i can make it to work. Their response?

“Hey Dan based on the past may I suggest to take it to Mission Hills or Van Nuys. Let them know I was working with Tim, Nissans Tech to help find a solution. ”

At this point they are trying to pass me off to someone else after I was willing to allow them to take another look. It’s pretty apparent they have no interest in resolving these issues. My attorney is sending a demand letter, I’ll let you know the outcome.

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